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Volume 1 (2020)

Article Title Authors Name Volume, Issue Page Nubmers Download papers
Experimental Investigation and Analysis on Biomass Briquettes Rinkita Panchal , Sanjeev Gupta Volume 1, Issue 1 1-5 Download-pdf
Micro and Nano Electrical Discharge Machining Techniques in Mems and in Nanotechnology Richa Thakur , Dr. Pankaj Agarwal , Hemant jain Volume 1, Issue 1 6-10 Download-pdf
Study the Effect of System Parameter of Micro- Electrical Discharge Machining Richa Thakur , Dr. Pankaj Agarwal Volume 1, Issue 1 11-14 Download-pdf
Optimization of Machining Parameters in Turning Operation by Taguchi Method Avanish Kumar , Sanjay Jain , Hemant Jain Volume 1, Issue 2 15-20 Download-pdf
Smokeless Chulhas: A Step towards Energy Conservation Umaira Dilshad , Anjali Rajput, Ruchir Kr. Chauhan Volume 1, Issue 2 21-23 Download-pdf
Investigation and Performance Evaluation of Ethanol Blended With Diesel Using the Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Dr. Hiregoudar Yerrennagoudaru , Manjunatha K , Siva Murali Mohan Reddy A Volume 1, Issue 2 24-29 Download-pdf
Balancing the Energy Consumption and Data Integrity in MANET G. Sathya , P. Kalaivani , N. Senthilnathan Volume 1, Issue 3 30-35 Download-pdf
Analysis of Process parameters by using Fluid Assisted Blank Holding System [FAB] for the steel 2062 Nitin Kamble , Dr .B.U.Sonawane Volume 1, Issue 3 36-42 Download-pdf
Performance & Durability Analysis of Diesel Engine Using Crude TPO and Refined TPO Blends Dhruv Raj Karana , Apurba Layek Volume 1, Issue 4 43-47 Download-pdf
Modification and Crash Analysis of Frontal Frame Structure of a Small Car with Different Composite Materials for Improving Self Protection in a Frontal Crash Kebede Zegeye , Ramesh Babu Nallamothu Volume 1, Issue 4 48-55 Download-pdf
Modelling and Simulation of Grid Connected Photovoltaic System Using MATLAB/SimulinK Rohit Pandey , Akanksha Garg Volume 1, Issue 4 56-59 Download-pdf
Design and Review of Fuel Vaporization System Mahesh Gupta, Priynshu Ajay kumar Pandey, Raunak Agarwal, Debanjan Samanta Volume 1, Issue 4 60-64 Download-pdf
Design and Development of Automatic Color Wood & Metal Sorting and Counting Machine Prince Kumar Gupta , Abhishek Sinha Volume 1, Issue 4 65-70 Download-pdf
Mechanical and Tribological behaviour of Coconut shell char, flax and glass fiber reinforced composite material for automobile clutch plate J. G. K. Kumar , Dr. R. Venkatesh Babu , M. Arul Murugan Volume 1, Issue 4 71-74 Download-pdf
Wear Analysis and Mechanical properties of woven Aloevera/hemp/flax fibers and their barium sulphate as filler composites M.Arul Murugan, Dr. A. S. Selva Kumar , J.G.K. Kumar Volume 1, Issue 4 75-79 Download-pdf

Volume 2 (2021)

Article Title Authors Name Volume, Issue Page Nubmers Download papers
CAD/CAM in Manufacturing Sector : Review K. Shri Harsh, U. Vivek Reddy Volume 2, Issue 1
(March 2021)
1-9 Download-pdf