FP- International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research (IJMER)

FP-IJMER is a peer-reviewed journal with HIGH IMPACT FACTOR aiming to publish current and relevant findings from cutting edge research in underpinning the mechanical , mechanics and material engineering sciences.

  • Editor: Dr. Mohan Pradhan
  • ISSN: XXXX-XXXX (Online)
  • Starting Year: 2020
  • ISSUE Per Year: 4 times (Quarterly)
  • Subject: Engineering
  • Language: English
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The FP - International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research (IJMER) is an open access , double-blind peer review journal publication by FOREX International Press that reports about findings from latest research in the concerned discipline involving the means of production and goods and services, and the ways for their optimum utilization. The research papers are also based on the areas of Fluid mechanics, Heat transfer, Solid mechanics, Refrigeration and air conditioning, Renewable energy technology, Materials engineering, Composite materials, Marine engineering, Petroleum and mineral resources engineering, Textile engineering, Leather technology, Industrial engineering, Operational research, Manufacturing processes, Machine design, mechatronics etc.

Under the norms of open access, the contents of the Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research can be transmitted and shared through the online medium to facilitate quick dissemination of research. The journal reports about the latest findings in the domain in the form of articles submitted by research authors. A comprehensive peer-review process ensures the published articles are in line with open access publishing standards and comprised of genuine research article or case reports. The respective tracking system helps editors and reviewers through the handling process.

It is an online manuscript submission, review systems. Review processing is performed by the editorial board members of Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research or outside experts; at least two independent reviewers approval followed by editor approval is required for acceptance of any citable manuscript. Authors may submit manuscripts and track their progress through the system, hopefully to publication. Reviewers can download manuscripts and submit their opinions to the editor. Editors can manage the whole submission/review/revise/publish process.

Submit your manuscript to the Editorial Office at editor_ijmer@forexjournal.co.in

CAD/CAM in Manufacturing Sector : Review

The goals are to gather information on CAD/CAM frameworks that are accessible in the market today, recognize significant measures ...

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Wear Analysis and Mechanical properties of woven Aloevera/hemp/flax fibers and their barium sulphate as filler composites

In our research work, the experiments like tensile, flexural and impact tests were carried out for different natural fibers...

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Design and Review of Fuel Vaporization System

In this paper we are addressing the problem of initial fuel delivery. Taking principles of surface chemistry ...

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  • FP- IJMER is a high quality journal devoted to the broad field of Mechanical Engineering. It provides an appropriate blend of scholarly rigor and practical relevance.

    Dr. Hlaing Htake Khaung Tin Ph.D.
  • “It was a great pleasure to publish again in International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research. The submission process was extremely easy. The reviewer’s comments were insightful, and the publication processes were remarkably rapid. I strongly recommend this journal to colleagues.”

    Mohd Anees Siddiqui Research Scholar, Author
  • I was grateful to have my paper published in IJMER. The reviews were helpful and concise. The review process was rapid as was the publishing. With the reasonable review process and its strong impact factor it is certainly worth publishing there.

    Mahesh Gupta Research Scholar, Author.

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Special issues on

In this context, purely mechanical systems with quasi-static behavior will become less common and the state-of-the-art will be represented soon by integrated mechanical systems, which need accurate dynamic models to predict their behavior. Therefore, mechanical systems dynamics is going to play an increasingly central role. Significant research efforts are needed to improve the identification of the mechanical properties of the systems, to develop models taking into account non-linearity and to develop efficient simulation tools. This Special Issue aims at disseminating the latest research achievements, findings, and ideas in mechanical systems dynamics, with particular emphasis on applications that are strongly integrated with other systems and require a multi-physical approach.

Papers are welcome on topics that are related to the theory, practice, and applications of mechanical systems dynamics, including but not limited to the following:

The identification and dynamics of multi-body systems;

The dynamics of automatic machinery;

Dynamics stability and control of vehicles;

The dynamics of connected and autonomous vehicles;;

The dynamics and control of robots;

The dynamics of multi-physics systems for energy harvesting.

We cordially invite you to contribute to our Special Issue of Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research on the theme of Thermal Energy Storage Systems. This Special Issue aims at gathering the best papers on development and applications of thermal energy storage.

Thermal energy storage is gaining considerable market and academic interest. It offers the possibility to bridge the mismatch between energy supply and demand, to smooth input temperature for certain applications, and increase overall system efficiency. Unsurprisingly, it has gained significant attention from researchers worldwide. To expedite the development of thermal energy storage, studies on the heat transfer mechanism, thermal properties of the storage medium, and various performance enhancement strategies are needed.

We welcome both experimental and computational studies. Topics of interest for this Special Issue include but are not limited to:

Heat transfer enhancement in thermal energy storage;

Novel storage medium (material) for thermal energy storage;

Thermal energy storage in electronic, building, and other applications;

Thermal energy storage management systems.

Because of growing globalization and contemporary market demands, manufacturing efficiency is more and more often defined not only as the capacity for low-cost production of specified quality products, but also as the capacity for quick execution of variable and low-volume orders at reduced manufacturing costs. In this context, new practical and scientific results are of great interest and importance for industrial engineering. Special attention is continuously given to the problems of reducing manufacturing costs by manufacturing systems design and production process planning, organization, and control. Therefore, I would like to invite you to submit your research papers to the Special Issue of the Applied Sciences journal “Design and Management of Manufacturing Systems”.

This Special Issue seeks high-quality works focusing on the following topics:

Focused flexibility manufacturing systems design;

Reconfigurable manufacturing systems design;

The dynamics of connected and autonomous vehicles;;

Continuous improvements in production units;

manufacturing systems capacity balancing;

Robust cyclic scheduling;

Multicriteria optimization in operations management;

Sustainable material handling systems design;

AI driven production planning and control.